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Burton is now Refratechnik.

The BURTON® brand is here to stay.


Refratechnik Ceramics GmbH bundles the previous activities of BURTON GmbH & Co. KG, and still offers the trusted high BURTON® quality as well as the safety for systems, logistics, and service that you expect from the global market leader.


BURTON® refractory systems for the ceramic industry:
Roofing tiles
Clinkers + Pavers
Backing bricks
Structural Ceramics
Porcelain/Sanitary Ware
Kiln car assembly


The Refratechnik Group is the world's largest family-run refractory business.

We supply all major industrial sectors, e.g.:
- Ceramic
- Cement
- Iron & steel
- Non-ferrous metals
- Aluminium
- Chemical
- Environment
- Energy

Find out more about the Refratechnik Group: www.refra.com
Roofing tilesClinkers + PaversBacking bricksStonewareStructural CeramicsPorcelain/Sanitary WareKiln car assembly
The Refratechnik Group

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